Resident evil 3

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Playing A RPG, resident evil (pt 3) using Human Artificial Intelligence



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This video shows a robot playing a role playing game called Resident evil 2.  There are no sound in the video because I wanted to show the viewers what the robot is thinking while playing the game.  The flashing text and freeze frames are the internal thoughts of the robot and not instruction text for the viewers.  These internal thoughts describe the details of how the robot produce intelligence.

My robot doesn't use:  planning programs/heuristic searches (used by MIT and Stanford University), Bayesian's probability theories for decision making, Bayesian's equation for induction and deduction, semantic networks for natural language understanding, predicate calculus, common sense systems, first-order logic, rule-based systems, decision trees, genetic programming, or MACHINE LEARNING.

If you ask a 10 year old child to play a RPG, like zelda, metroid or resident evil, they will not be able to pass the game.  Only a human teenager or adult can play the game and expect to pass the entire game.  This is why i'm making videos on role playing games, like zelda, metroid, and resident evil, to show people that my robot has human level artificial intelligence.

Those patents and copyrights filed a long time ago was designed to explain how the technology works.  How do you build a robot that can generate these types of intelligent thoughts?  What are the parts and how do they function?   

I personal think that if a robot can play a hard RPG like resident evil, then it can play any videogame.  In fact, the robot can do any human task, regardless of how complex it may be.



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